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Questions and Answers


Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers
Here is a list of commonly asked questions about VitaraForHer

Q. What is VitaraForHer
A. VitaraForHer is an amazing combination of natural compounds that contain the essential active ingredients that promote sexual and sensual sensitivity.

Q. How much does VitaraForHer cost, and how much comes in one bottle?
A. Vitara™ is packaged in a 2 oz bottle and jar and has a retail price of $44.95 and a 50 ml super saver size tube that retails for $34.95   Applied as directed, a 2 oz size provides approximately 30 applications.

Q. How much is shipping & handling and when will I get my order?
A. All of our packages are sent out by USPS Priority Mail or by UPS or FedEx.  For USPS Priority Mail, there is a shipping and handling fee of just $5.95 to $6.95 depending on the size of the order.   Your package will generally arrive within 3 to 4 business days from the date of mailing.

Q. Has VitaraForHer been proven safe?
A. VitaraForHer has been tested and found to be safe, non-toxic, effective, and non-habit forming.

Q. Is VitaraForHer  subject to FDA testing?
A. VitaraForHer is considered a "lifestyle" product. The active ingredients in VitaraForHer have approved FDA monographs. A complete description of VitaraForHer is available in the Over the Counter Physician's Desk Reference (OTC PDR).

Q. If I am currently using other medications, will VitaraForHer interfere with their use?
A. VitaraForHer does not interact with other medications to cause any harmful or other ineffective results.

Q. How do I use VitaraForHer ?
A. Prior to sexual relations, dispense two to three pumps of VitaraForHer onto your fingertip and apply directly to the clitoral area. Blood flow will increase and your clitoris will become considerably more sensitive as you or your partner manually stimulate your clitoris. Almost immediately, you will feel a warm sensation as the blood vessels dilate. As your clitoral region experiences increased blood flow, you will also feel a warm throbbing sensation.

Q. How long does each use last?
A.The length of time you may experience each dose does vary amongst women but on average, it usually lasts between 15 to 30 minutes.

Q. Can I use more VitaraForHer  than is directed?
A. VitaraForHer may be used as often as desired. Increasing the amount of VitaraForHer used per application has shown no harmful side effects. The effective ingredients in VitaraForHer may cause a slight reddening or flush when coming into contact with skin. This is due to temporary dilation of the blood vessels and is not harmful.

Q. Does VitaraForHer help with vaginal dryness?
A. Many women have complained of genital dryness. Therefore, we have added plant extract estrogen, which alleviates this problem.

Q. How does VitaraForHer heighten the sexual experience?
A. The active ingredients in VitaraForHer produce increased blood flow in the sexual organs. Almost instantaneously upon application, a woman will feel a pleasant tingling sensation as blood vessels dilate, and a warm, sensitive throb as the genital organs fill with blood. VitaraForHer not only will increase a woman's sensitivity, but also eliminates any discomfort from dryness since it increases vaginal lubrication.

Q. Is it safe to perform oral sex with VitaraForHer on the genital area?
A. Yes. VitaraForHer is non-toxic and has the taste of a very strong vitamin. It will however cause a red flush to develop on any skin it comes in contact with but will only last a short time.

Q. Is there anyone who shouldn't use VitaraForHer?
A. Women who are pregnant or experiencing unexplained bleeding should not use this product. Orgasms during pregnancy have been shown to cause premature labor and other unwanted complications. Otherwise, Vitara™ is a very safe and troublefree formula to use,


How much is it and how can I Order?
Each 30-application bottle is affordably priced at just $44.95 which is only $1.50 per use.    To order, simply click on the order link on this page


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